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How We’re Making Vet Visits Fear Free

We know not all pets love coming to the vet and that their visit to us may be something that may be scary. Through the Fear Free Initiative, we are trying to help ease your pet’s anxiety and make each trip to see the doctor as stress free as possible.
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Dogs Noses Know All

Everyone knows dogs have an incredible sense of smell, but how much better is it than ours exactly? Ever have difficulty getting your dog to move from a particular spot on a walk because they want to keep sniffing?
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The Lowdown on Leptospirosis

Recently in the Chicagoland area news, there has been some talk about Leptospirosis (Lepto for short) and your dog. Lepto is a zoonotic disease, which means it can transmit from animals to humans. Lepto is caused by an infection with the Leptospira bacteria. There are many strains that can be found all over the world in soil and water.
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