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Safety First – Dog Bite Prevention

Sometimes it’s hard to resist wanting to pet an adorable dog, but knowing the warning signs of when a dog may bite is important. In accordance with Dog Bite Prevention Week, we want to make sure everyone understands why dogs bite and how to stay safe.
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The Lowdown on Leptospirosis

Recently in the Chicagoland area news, there has been some talk about Leptospirosis (Lepto for short) and your dog. Lepto is a zoonotic disease, which means it can transmit from animals to humans. Lepto is caused by an infection with the Leptospira bacteria. There are many strains that can be found all over the world in soil and water.
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Leash Smarts – Tips to Keeping Your Dog Safe

Most dog owners have their preference when it comes to leashes. A popular option is a retractable leash, which gives your dog room to sniff and explore up to 20 or more feet away from where you’re standing. While retractable leashes can be great when you’re in an open area, they aren’t always very practical for life in the city.
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