Phone Apps to Keep Your Pet Safe

Phone Apps

There are so many apps for your phone on the market, it’s sometimes hard to separate which ones are worth downloading. Here are some quality apps that can help you keep your pet healthy and happy!

Tickborne Diseases

This app was designed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as a reference guide for doctors and other healthcare professionals. The app provides photos of ticks that are found in the US, along with what geographical region they live in. Information about each tick species includes the type of diseases they transmit – unfortunately the disease list only describes symptoms and treatments for humans. However, since this is a free app, it is worth knowing what ticks reside in the Lakeview and Lincoln Park areas and how best to protect your pets!

Animal Poison Control

If your furry family member ingests something and you want to do a quick check to see if it’s toxic, the ASPCA designed the app for owners to easily check. The item you are searching for is easily found in the selection menu, along with colorful images for swift identification. The app shows the level of toxicity, side effects and what actions need to be taken. If you have further questions the phone number for ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control is listed where it can be easily accessed at the top of the app. Depending on the toxicity of the item your pet ingested, immediate medical attention can be found at Blum during our open hours!


We always wonder what our pets are doing when we are not home, but the Whistle app makes it easier to keep track of them! First, you will attach a small device to your pet’s collar and set up a safe place for them to be – this can be your home, work or with a pet sitter – but should be somewhere your pet spends the majority of his or her time. This place should also have access to Wi-Fi, because that’s how the Whistle (aka collar device) locates your pet. Anytime your pet leaves their safe space, you will receive a notification. If your pet goes beyond Wi-Fi range, then the collar device uses cellular and GPS technology to track them. While the app itself is free, there is a monthly subscription charge for the device. Whistle can help any owner reunite with their furry family member in case they escape their safe place!

Blum App

We want to make sure our clients have an accessible way to reach us here at Blum. That’s why we have a new app that is designed to make contacting us quick and easy. From the app, you can request an appointment, ask for refills on food or medication, and view your pet’s vaccine history. Our phone number and email address are clearly labeled on the bottom of the home page – as well as the contact information for MedVet, the 24-hour facility, in case of an emergency during our non-business hours.

If you have any other apps that you use for your pets, we would love to hear about them!

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.