Safe Return – How to Be Reunited with Your Lost Pet

The best way to be reunited with your pets if they get out is by having them microchipped. Any of our veterinarians or technicians can implant a microchip. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice (12 mm) and is placed in between your pet’s shoulder blades. This location is the universal place where all microchips are placed, so if your pet gets out and is found, their microchip will immediately be found if scanned.

Although microchipping should not replace your pet wearing a collar and tags. Even with the technological advances with the microchip scanners, sometimes they may not be able to read all types of chips. In addition, if the scanner is not used properly, it may not be able to detect a microchip. So just to be safe, your pet should wear a collar with an identification tag with your name and contact information.

If you think your pet is lost, first do a thorough search of your home. While we think we may know all their favorite spots, there could be other places they have found to hide. Try to lure them out with treats or toys. When you are absolutely sure they are not in your home, start by canvassing your neighborhood with a photo of your pet. Ask your neighbors if they may have seen them and use social media to your advantage – make a post that other people can share to get the word out that your pet is lost. Also, think about places your pet is familiar with and may feel comfortable going when they are not at home – daycare, groomer, veterinarian or local business. Call these places, along with local animal hospitals and shelters to see if they have seen your pet or if they could post a flyer with their info.

For more information on microchips, click here to read one of our previous blogs. If you have any further questions about microchips or if you have lost a pet, please call us at: (773) 327-4446.

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.