Rest assured that your pet is insured!

Photo by Jackie Sheppard

Photo by Jackie Sheppard

All animal lovers know the amazing benefits that owning a pet can bring, but sometimes even though we love our furry friends, paying for their well-being can be tough. Just like people, there are insurance options for your pets! 

How does pet insurance work?

In some ways, pet insurance works differently than human insurance in that the owner pays for the medical costs upfront. Claims are submitted either by the owner or veterinarian to the insurance company and reimbursement to the owner is based on the type of plan that was selected.  In other ways, pet insurance is similar to human insurance in that pre-exisiting conditions are never covered. That is why it’s best to enroll your pet when it is a puppy/kitten, or when first adopted!

There are three major types of insurance that companies offer:

  1. Accident/emergency only coverage – Some insurance companies such as Embrace and AKC offer plans for owners that only cover accidents or emergencies. These plans are usually lower in monthly costs, but the annual reimbursements may be less than the more expensive plans. These type of plans cover things such as bloat, foreign body ingestion, hit by car, poisoning and/or cuts and lacerations.
  2. Wellness coverage – Insurance companies such as VPI offer plans for owners that only focus on wellness visits, such as annual exams. These type of plans cover the exam, vaccines and flea/heartworm preventives. For an extra cost, plans can include spay/neuter and dental cleanings. With wellness only coverage there usually is no deductible, but the annual reimbursement is very low.
  3. Premium coverage – Most insurance companies offer a premium option for owners. Companies such as Pet Plan and Pets Best offer premium coverage that includes their basic coverage, but also offers more incentives to owners for reimbursement.

We recommend researching the different plans so you can choose an option that works best for you and your pet. While we help clients with all different types of insurance companies, the most popular plan our clients use is Trupanion. What sets Trupanion apart from other insurances is that they only have one type of plan for all pets – owners chose the amount they want for their deductible based on how much they want to pay for their monthly premium. Once this has been determined, 90 percent of all accident or illness costs, that are not pre-existing, are covered by Trupanion and there is no limit to the amount reimbursed once a pet’s deductible is reached.

Whichever plan you choose, we recommend insuring your pet to help give your furry friend the best care possible without having to worry about finances. No matter the type of insurance you choose Blum Animal Hospital is here to help you submit claims and answer any questions you may have!

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.