Monthly Archives July 2015

Pumping Iron – Keeping your Pets in Shape

Exercising can be a chore, but pets need the stimulation in order to stop from being bored and developing naughty behaviors. Dogs were bred to work and have previously earned their keep by doing chores such as herding livestock or hunting, but now the majority of dogs’ job is companionship. Even though cats may not have been bred to do that kind of work, they too need to exercise in order to stay healthy! 
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Keeping cool in the summer sun

With the warm weather finally coming around, we all love taking our pets outside to enjoy it. While we may be basking in the sun, our pets may not feel as comfortable. Here are some ways for both us and our furry family members to enjoy being outside in the summer!
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Paws around Chicagoland

Summer is one of the best times to be in Chicago and getting to experience the city with a pet can be amazing! Here are some events in the Chicagoland area that are designed just for your furry family member!
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