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Important Vaccines for Chicagoland Dogs

With spring break coming up for many families, boarding your dog may be necessary. Even if your furry family member is only going to daycare or the dog parks, there are two vaccines that your dog should receive before interacting with other pups –Leptospirosis and Canine Influenza, the H3N2 strain. Both diseases have had recent outbreaks in Chicago, so it is important your dog be protected!
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Achoo – Did My Dog Just Cough or Sneeze?

A popular phone call we receive here at Blum is that owners think their dog is coughing due to a snorting-type of noise. With the Canine Influenza outbreak in Chicago in 2015, especially in the Lakeview area, many owners are very vigilant about any type of cough-like sound their dog produces.
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