Amazing Rescue – Carl


Photos courtesy of Brett Schwartz

In November 2016, a young beagle was brought into a Chicagoland animal ER after suffering head trauma in an accident about two to three weeks prior. From what the owner told the staff, the dog had gotten stuck on a fence, and he wasn’t able to bring him in sooner. Due to financial constraints, the owner’s only option was euthanasia. A technician working at the ER asked if the owner would be willing to relinquish the dog to their care to see if they could find someone that could pay for his treatment and offer him a new home.

Brett Schwartz, a technician here at Blum, and friends with the ER tech, heard about this pup’s story and knew he had to get involved. After receiving a photo, Brett decided to adopt the beagle and named him Carl. When Carl went in for his initial exam at Blum, the doctor saw the severity of his head wound. Because the original owner had waited to bring him in, some of the tissue around the area had started to decay. The doctor cleaned the wound, and then applied a bandage that was to be kept on for a couple days until he could be sedated to start phase one of his recovery. During this sedated exam, the doctor sutured all the skin that was viable and could be used to try and close the wound. Afterwards a bandage was placed over the area and for the next 30 days daily bandage changes would be performed.

Once Carl’s head wound had healed enough, he was deemed stable to start treatment for his heartworm disease. On February 28, 2017, he received his final Immiticide injection to complete his heartworm treatment, but for the next 6-8 weeks his activity will still need to be restricted. After Carl gets the “all clear” from the doctors, he will get neutered thus completing all his medical needs!

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Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.