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Ouch! What to do if Your Dog Breaks a Nail

Springtime in Chicago is a wonderful time of year and many dog owners in the Lakeview or Lincoln Park area start to take their dogs to the parks. One of the most common reasons why owners bring their dogs in to Blum during the warmer months is for torn or cracked nails, often occurring when they are running around outside or at the dog park.
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All About Heart – Heartworm Awareness

With April being National Heartworm Awareness month, it is important to understand exactly what heartworm disease is and how you can prevent your dog from developing it. A common misconception about heartworm disease is that dogs who live in Chicago are not at risk. This map from the American Heartworm Society shows this is not the case!
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Paws With a Cause – How You Can Help

April 2 was World Autism Awareness Day but helping to kick off Autism Awareness Month, Blum announced they are partnering with Paws With a Cause for an amazing purpose. Over the next year, we are hoping to raise $30,000 to sponsor a service dog for a Chicago family with an autistic child!
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