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Howl-o-ween Pet Safety

During the Halloween festivities, Americans typically purchase 600 million pounds of candy, 90 million pounds of chocolate candy and spend $420 million on Halloween pet costumes. Emergency and toxicology calls increase by 12 percent during the week of Halloween, which makes this holiday the busiest time of year for the Pet Poison Hotline. Keeping pets safe doesn’t have to be tricky during this spooky time of year!
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Benefits of Fostering a Shelter Pet

People who own pets understand the joy and love having a furry family member at home can bring. Sometimes owning a pet is not feasible at the moment, but for people who enjoy animals fostering can be a great option. Here are some benefits of fostering a shelter pet! Showing love and compassion – Some animals who arrive at a shelter may have an abusive or scary past, and can be a little shy or nervous in the beginning. By giving them a safe place in your home, they can slowly start to come out of their shell and begin
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Recognizing Pain in Dogs

It would be so much easier if we could ask our pets how they are doing, but since we cannot verbally communicate with them we need to recognize signs they are trying to tell us when they are not feeling well. While most dogs can do a good job of hiding their discomfort, here are some symptoms to look out for that may indicate they are painful.
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