Dog Training Tips

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Boznos

When it comes to dog training in Chicago, one of the places a lot of dog owners turn to for assistance is Call of the Wild School for Dogs. Founded in 1992 by Jennifer Boznos, a CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed), COTW has helped over 10,000 owners achieve satisfying relationships with their dogs.

Everyone who has had a dog knows that training can be difficult and a test of patience. According to Jennifer, the most important part of dog training is knowing training is always ongoing. Jennifer said, “Training a dog well takes time and commitment. At Call of the Wild we strive to create dogs that are very reliably trained. Dogs that respond reliably to cues have a better quality of life and can be kept safe. Achieving that level of cue responsiveness takes a lot of practice and proofing. Our students understand that they must continue to maintain their dog’s training for the rest of its life.”

While our schedules may get busy, one of the most common mistakes that Jennifer sees dog owners make is not realizing how much exercise their pup needs. According to Jennifer, “Exercise is not a walk around the block! Exercise is flat-out running. We recommend an hour of aerobic exercise in the morning and then again in the evening. The old saying ‘a tired dog is a good dog’ is very true.”

All types of dogs come to COTW – different breeds and ages – and each with their own reasons for training. One of the reasons why training is so effective at COTW is because it’s all about being positive and helping your dogs succeed. Jennifer said it best: “Dogs do what makes them feel good. Their priority is to feel safe and satisfied. If you can create a training and management program that makes your dog feel good about what they are doing, then your training will proceed with more harmony.” Plus, Jennifer has yet to meet a dog she could not help!

Though there can be challenges to dog training, the benefits are exciting to see in your dog. For Jennifer the most rewarding part of dog training is “seeing a dog “get it” is so much fun. I love building a dog. By that I mean I love to educate them, to open their minds, to improve their bodies, to give them meaningful work and stimulating play. Training allows dogs to have a better life.”

We all want our pets to be as happy as possible, and training can enrich their lives. For more information about Call of the Wild School for Dogs, click here.

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.