Top 10 Reasons NOT to Get a Dog

  1. They will make you want to stay home all the time just to snuggle!

Photo courtesy of Alex McQuate


2. Their clothes options may be cuter than yours!

Photo courtesy of Dr. Sarah Baker


3. They may gain more Instagram followers since their pictures are so adorable!

Photo courtesy of Dr. Bridget Sheehan


4. You can’t take them to brunch or to patios since you won’t be the center of attention!

Photo courtesy of Jackie Sheppard


5. Forget about road trips…who wants to have fun adventures in the car?

Photo courtesy of Sam Randazzo


6. They may want to help out around the house when you’re doing chores.’

7. You will never get to eat a meal alone again!

Photo courtesy of Sara Stamper

8. There is always someone waiting for you to come home!

Photo courtesy of Devin Semrow

9. Your may end up having to share your bed!

Photo courtesy of Kiri Burner

10. Because you may end up wanting more than one!

Photo courtesy of Megan VanParis

Dogs, of course, are amazing animals that we can’t imagine our lives without! We love taking care of each and every dog that comes to Blum!

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.