“Georgia” On My Mind

Photos courtesy of Megan VanParis

This week we are featuring Georgia, a spunky 7-month-old Matipoo, who is owned by one of our technicians, Megan VanParis. We see all different types of dogs and cats here at Blum, and some of our pets need a little more special attention than others.

Georgia was born with deformities on both of her rear feet – her right rear foot has two toes and she is missing her left foot. Now this doesn’t slow Georgia down at all! When she was younger Megan said she was hesitant to engage in play with other dogs since she would regularly slip and fall when trying to run because she had no traction due to her missing foot.

As a puppy, Megan started conditioning Georgia to wear a sock with grips on her left rear leg to help provide traction and to protect her skin from different types of terrains. The grippy sock helped give Georgia confidence to run around with Megan’s other dogs. After she was fully grown, Megan reached out to Derrick Campana, the owner of Animal Ortho Care, to commission him to make Georgia a custom prosthetic foot. Megan sent many videos and photos of Georgia in action, as well as the x-rays we took at Blum. Luckily Derrick thought she would be a great candidate for an orthotic! Animal Ortho Care sent Megan a molding kit that she used to make a cast of Georgia’s leg, which was then used to create her very own prosthetic foot. Since Georgia was so used to wearing a grippy sock, she took to the prosthetic right away. Every morning when Megan brings it out, Georgia gets very excited to start running around!

After seeing Georgia play alongside her siblings, you would never guess her birth defect has affected her at all! We are so glad that Megan decided to adopt Georgia and figure out a solution to her challenges!

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.