Frosty Paws – Activities for Cold Weather

Photo courtesy of Sarah Jackson

While the weather outside is frightfully cold, there are some things to do to help keep your pet active and entertained if they are not able to go outside for extended periods of time.


Many dog owners give their pups a frozen Kong when they leave the house, but this can also be an activity to keep them busy when it’s cold outside. Also, treat dispensing toys or puzzles can provide a challenge for them and they are rewarded with food for figuring them out!


Besides physical activity, mental activity can actually make your dog more tired than just a long walk. Training classes are a great way to provide mental stimulation. Whether it be obedience training or agility, classes are a great way to help tire out your dog when the weather outside is frosty!


Some daycares have indoor dog parks, where you can bring your pup to play without them having them to stay. K9 University has a 3,500 square foot indoor space and dogs can come in for Open Play on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, Doggy Paddle, an indoor aquatic space, has heated swimming pools and can give your dog some much needed fitness in the winter!


Hiding treats in fun spots around your house for your dog to find is a fun way to get them moving and practicing their nose work. Start out easy – toss treats their way and say “find it.” Once your pup has got that down, you can work on hiding treats in other rooms. In the beginning, it’s best to use treats that have a pungent smell like liver or fish.

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.