Cook County Coyotes

When people think of coyotes, they usually do not imagine them living in the city. Although in Cook County, there are more than 1,500 coyotes present and some of them have been spotted in the city.

A coyote was spotted on Wednesday in Lincoln Park, not too far from our Lakeview neighborhood! April is the month where coyotes typically give birth and are on the prowl for food to feed their pups. This is important information since coyotes can prey on small dogs and cats. Coyotes are wily and intelligent animals and can even learn your routine or daily habits. To keep your dog safe, walk them on a short leash and do not leave them unattended in a yard. If your cat goes outside, try to limit the area where they are allowed to go or keep them inside.

If you encounter a coyote while out with your pet, do not run away since this can trigger their prey drive. If you have a small dog, pick them up since you do not want them to engage the coyote or run towards it. While standing tall and maintaining eye contact, make loud noises or shake your jacket to scare off the coyote. If you come across a den, walk away slowly and carefully since coyotes can be more territorial with their pups.

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.