Specially-Abled Pets

Pets come in all different breeds, sizes and colors. There are also some pets who have different needs than others since they are specially-abled.

Whether these pets had a disease, birth defect or injury, this does not mean they cannot live a full and enjoyable life.

One of our Veterinary Care Coordinators, Alex, has two almost 4-year-old cats who are both missing a leg. Alex adopted Pickles when she was 8-weeks-old, 2 days after she had surgery to amputate her right front leg after she was attacked by another animal. Shortly after, Alex heard through some friends that another cat with a missing leg was looking for a home. Eileen, also an 8-week-old kitten, soon joined their family. Eileen lost her left front leg very early in life after she was hit by a car.

Besides missing front legs, there is nothing different about Pickles and Eileen! They are both spunky cats who enjoy doing normal feline things. Alex said they do not need to do too much to help with their disability. Their house just has a few more rugs than normal to help cushion the areas where Pickles and Eileen like to jump. They also are both on joint supplements since due to their missing legs they are more prone to arthritis issues.

We love taking care of all different types of pets at Blum!

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.