Just Kitten Around

Last week’s blog focused on what to expect with a new puppy, this week it’s all about the kittens!


Before you bring your kitten home, go through your home and try to see things through their eyes. Close windows, block vents or any spaces your kitten may be tempted to check out. Move any power or window blind cords, shoelaces or anything else with strings out of their reach. Basically anything you think your kitten may be interested in, they probably will be!


Keeping your kitten active and engaged will help their development. Set aside time each day to make sure they are active and for them to play with their toys, which should not be a difficult task since kittens have boundless energy and are naturally curious. Add in new toys periodically to help keep them interested. Here are some links to DIY cat toys that your kitten will love: Cat Wands and Cork Toys.


By nature, cats love to scratch. Kittens will look for things to scratch, so help set them up for success by having scratching posts readily available. If your kitten scratches any item of furniture, direct their attention to the scratching posts. Blum also carries a product called FeliScratch that helps redirect your cat’s inappropriate scratching by applying it to their scratching post.


Even though your kitten may be small, their teeth are razor sharp! Biting is part of your kitten’s hunting instinct. Try not to let the inappropriate biting start by only using toys when playing your kitten, not your bare hands. When they are playing, it is best not to attempt to handle them since they can get overstimulated. If your kitten does bite, say “ouch” in a high-pitched tone and praise them if they stop. After the bite, let your kitten relax before resuming any play.  

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.