3 Simple Ways to Make Your Pet Happier

Our pets bring so much love and happiness into our lives that we shouldn’t forget to do the same for them. There are some easy things to do to help enrich their lives and help your pet be happier!


  • Food Puzzles provide mental and physical stimulation! By making your dog work to get their food reward, it means they have to expend energy. By making them work for their meal, it will keep them busy from displaying any inappropriate behavior.
  • Organize outings for your pup! Whether this be a play date to meet up with their best friend at the dog park or a fun day at day care, many pups like to socialize just like we do! If your dog prefers the company of humans, there are many places such as outdoor patios or café’s that are dog friendly for them to enjoy.
  • Sticking to a routine helps provide structure! When our schedules run awry, this can cause us to feel unsettled. This can make our dogs feel the same way. By providing a consistent routine, they can get used to what’s happening next and feel secure!


  • Make sure your house is cat-friendly! This means having items in your house for your feline to climb, perch or scratch, which will help them use their natural instincts! Observe your cat to see if they like to be up high or down low, and then cater to their preferences.
  • Bring the outdoors inside! In the wild, cats love to eat grass. By offering them cat grass at home this can provide them an alternative from eating some of your other plants at home.
  • Provide a challenge for your cat to eat! Cats’ natural prey instinct is to play with their food by batting it around. There are food puzzles and toys that will help your cat indulge in this instinct, as well as help them get their daily exercise!

Source: Vetstreet

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.