Fall Hazards for Pets

With summer recently ending and the fall holidays coming up, here are some tips to keep in mind to keep your pet’s safe during the new season!

  • Electric Lights – Puppies and kittens may be interested in chewing on them, which poses an electrocution hazard! If you put up lights, make sure they are high enough where your pet will not be interested in chewing or playing with them.
  • Potpourri – It can make your home smell delicious and inviting, but to our pets it can be toxic. Liquid potpourri is especially dangerous since it contains essential oils and other harmful detergents.
    • Curious cats can be most at risk since if they get the potpourri liquid on their paws, they can ingest some when grooming to get it off.
    • If you enjoy having potpourri in your house, keep it in a safe, secure area where it’s not accessible to your pets!
  • Mushrooms – During the cooler months, mushrooms make their comeback. The majority of mushrooms are non-toxic, but there is a small percentage that are highly toxic (even fatal!) to pets if ingested.
    • Just to be safe, keep your furry family member away from any mushrooms when they are outside!
  • Halloween Candy – Chocolate ingestion is never healthy for your pet, but it can be even more tempting during Halloween when there is much more candy lying around.
    • Signs of chocolate ingestion include GI upset such as vomiting and diarrhea, but in extreme cases can also cause seizures.
    • Dogs who have ingested chocolate may also become hyper or overly excitable.
    • If you are concerned your pet may have ingested chocolate, especially dark chocolate or cocoa powder, contact Blum immediately.
  • Candles – Whether you furnish your Jack-o-lantern with a candle or decorate your house to add a touch of warmth, keep your candles out of your pet’s reach!
    • Inquisitive pets may be interested to check out the flickering and can either get burned or cause a fire.

If you have any further questions about potential fall hazards, please call us at: (773) 327-4446!

Written up by Jackie Sheppard.