4 Easy Steps to Celebrate a Fear Free New Year!

New Year celebrations can be a time of terror for our pets!  From a pet’s perspective, these celebrations can be loud, unpredictable, and bring strangers into their comfort zone.  Here are a few tips to help your pet stay comfortable as you ring in the New Year!

  1. Set up a soothing sanctuary creating a safe space away from the activities can help your pet remain calm and relaxed.  We recommend playing calming music, such as classical, reggae, and soft rock playlists, and surrounding your pet with their favorite toys, blankets, and any other items that make them feel at home.
  2. Use pheromone sprays or plug-ins Adaptil and Feliway are calming pheromones that mimic the soothing natural chemicals produced by both cats and dogs to make your pet feel relaxed in any space.
  3. Provide compression for comfort compression garments have a soothing effect, much like a hug, that induces feelings of wellbeing for pets.
  4.  Ask us about anti-anxiety supplements or medications – talk to your veterinarian about additional options to help them feel relaxed.  Some pets need a little extra help to stay comfortable and relaxed, and that’s ok!  We are here to help.

Always remember that if your pet is hiding because they are fearful, gently encourage them to come out on their own with a treat or toy, and never attempt to pull them from the hiding place.  A fearful pet may lash out if cornered or confronted, which may lead to a bite.

For any further questions on how to make New Year’s Eve celebrations Fear Free, please contact us at: (773) 327-4446!

Happy New Year from Blum Animal Hospital!