Salute to Working Pets!


Animals can do wonders; not only can they put smiles on our faces, they can also provide rehabilitation and service! In honor of Labor Day this past weekend, we’ve decided to spotlight a few Chicago organizations – & the animals that complete them who bring new meaning to the saying “man’s best friend.”


Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy

One of the first of its kind in the Chicago area, Rainbow Assisted Animal Therapy has dedicated decades to helping children with special needs build essential skills and by providing companionship & happiness. Goal-oriented, the programs differ from most pet assistance programs in that they utilize animals to encourage rehabilitation. The children in these programs form bonds with trained dogs and participate in activities related to emotional, physical, and/or intellectual growth. For more information regarding Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy programs or to potentially volunteer, read more here.

Sit Stay Read!

It’s PAWssible that Sit Stay Read! puts a fun spin on reading. Serving at-risk children, this program relies on hard-working pets to provide reading assistance as well as a smile or two! Founded in 2003, Sit Say Read! travels to various Chicago Public schools as well as inner-city community programs using man’s best friend as a tool to take on childhood illiteracy. Take that, low test scores! For more information regarding Sit Stay Read! or to potentially volunteer, read more here.

Assisi Animal Foundation and Shelter: Pet Therapy Program

Anything you can do, I can do better!” –Cats

Cats can make great therapy pets as well! At Assisi Animal Foundation and Shelter, located in Crystal Lake, IL, both cats and dogs foster healing & well being by visiting nursing facilities, assisted living, Alzheimer’s Centers, and special disabilities facilities. Assisi only utilizes current “residents” and doesn’t accept volunteers. If interested in using your own pet for visits, contact your local facilities. For more information regarding Assisi Animal Foundation and Shelter, read more here.

Whether greeting us at the door after a tough day at work or providing rehabilitation & healing, animals are truly a gift. Blum Animal Hospital salutes all of the hard-working pets and pet parents out there!

Written by Laura Cook for Blum Animal Hospital