Getting to know you — Dr. Baker!

Photos courtesy of Dr. Baker

Photos courtesy of Dr. Baker  (Left: Dr. Baker with her husband, Chris and dog, Lucy, Right: Dr. Baker’s fur babies, Lucy and Grace).

What is your favorite part about being a veterinarian?

My favorite part about being a veterinarian is the relationship formed between clients and their pets. The human-animal bond is an incredible thing, and it’s heart warming to see how much people care for their animals. It’s extremely rewarding to be a small part of that bond.

What is the most memorable case you worked on and why?

My most memorable patient was Heidi, a lovable Rottweiler, I worked with during veterinary school. Heidi always met you with kisses and had a flower on her collar. I first met her on my orthopedic rotation when she was having a complication with her implant from a previous ACL surgery. Her pre-anesthetic blood work revealed that Heidi had a clotting disorder, which would postpone her surgery, and subsequently make it more complicated. We worked closely with the internal medicine, oncology and orthopedic departments at school to come to the best possible solution for her. Ultimately Heidi ended up having a smooth surgery and her clotting disorder was addressed and resolved, but it was the complexity of the case and multiple departments working together that shows how challenging yet rewarding this job can be. Getting to witness the wonderful bond between Heidi her owner was the icing on the cake.

Who is your biggest role model? Has this influenced how you practice medicine?

My biggest role models are both of my parents. My mom was the first in her family to graduate college, and my dad the first to further his degree after undergrad. They both are driven, caring, wonderful parents who put a strong emphasis on education growing up. They ended up with a lawyer and a veterinarian!

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

In my time away from Blum, I teach work out classes at Pure Barre Lakeview!

In your spare time, what is your favorite thing to do?

My favorite things to do in my spare time is exercise, then relax. I love spending time with my fur babies, Grace and Lucy, and my husband, Chris. Lots of weekends you can find us brunching at dog-friendly restaurants with Lucy.

Is there somewhere you want to go that you haven’t had a chance to travel to yet?

Eventually I want to get to Europe!