Movie night – staff favorites!

Photo courtesy of Jackie Sheppard.

Photo courtesy of Jackie Sheppard.

Sometimes enjoying a quiet night at home watching a movie is just what we all need after a long week. I took a poll of the staff at Blum Animal Hospital about their favorite animal movies, and here are some of the results. While most people have heard of The Lion King, Marley and Me, and Homeward Bound these movies are ones that may not be familiar but are certainly worth watching!

  • Balto (G-1995) – This is a live-action/animated film that is loosely based on a true story about a dog named Balto who helped save children in Alaska from the diphtheria epidemic in the 1925 serum run to Nome. The movie features a wolf-dog named Balto, his adoptive father, a snow goose named Boris, and two polar bears Muk and Luk. One night Balto’s owner, as well as all the children in the village, fall ill with diphtheria and a dog race is held to determine which dogs are best suited to be part of a sled team to bring back the medication. Kevin Bacon, Phil Collins and Bridget Fonda are just a few of the actors who lent their voices for the movie.

  • The Aristocats (G-1970) – This animated film takes place in Paris in 1910 and revolves around a cat named Duchess and her three kittens, Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse. The feline family lives with a retired opera singer named Madame Bonfamille, and her English butler, Edgar. While Madame Bonfamille is preparing her will, Edgar overhears her telling her lawyer that she would like to leave her entire fortune to her cats. This news incites Edgar, and he plans to get rid of the cats. Edgar manages to kidnap the cats and strands them in the countryside. With the help of some other friendly animals, Duchess and her kittens trek back to Paris to battle it out with Edgar.

  • Zeus and Roxanne (PG-1997) – This movie is about a marine biologist named Mary Beth, who is a single parent to her two daughters, Judith and Nora. Mary Beth along with her research partner Becky, are trying to save a dolphin named Roxanne, but Mary Beth’s rival Claude tries to capture Roxanne and sell her for a profit. Mary Beth’s next door neighbor Terry, and his son Jordan have a dog named Zeus. One day Zeus hides on Mary Beth’s boat when she takes it out to visit with Roxanne; on the trip she discovers that Zeus and Roxanne can communicate with each other although they are two different species! The excitement of the movie comes down to helping to save Zeus and Roxanne who are both captured by Claude.

  • Babe (G-1995) – Based on the 1983 book by Dick King-Smith called The Sheep-Pig, this movie centers around a piglet named Babe. A man named Arthur Hoggett wins Babe at a local fair and takes him back home where he befriends the animals on the farm, particularly a sheepdog named Fly and her mate Rex. With their help, Babe learns how to herd sheep and also starts to look up to Fly as a mother figure. Through the movie’s many twists and turns, it comes to a close when Farmer Hoggett enters Babe into a sheep herding competition.

Let us know your favorite animal movie! We are always looking for more about our furry friends!

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.