A day in the life of…a Veterinary Care Coordinator!

A couple months ago, we got to learn a little more about each of the veterinarians here at Blum Animal Hospital. Over the next month, the blogs will focus on the veterinary support staff. This week we are going to learn a little bit about the Veterinary Care Coordinators!

What do the VCC’s do?

The Veterinary Care Coordinators have three main stations: pet check-in, pet checkout and phones.

Photo courtesy of Blum Animal Hospital.

CHECK IN – Photo courtesy of Blum Animal Hospital.

At check-in, they greet the clients as they come in, confirm what their pet is being seen for and update any information changes. At check-in, the VCC’s also prepare any necessary information for the upcoming appointments such as assigning rabies tags and filling out forms, such as the Chicago Park District Dog Friendly Area permits and domestic health certificates for travel.

CHECK OUT - Photo courtesy of Blum Animal Hospital.

CHECK OUT – Photo courtesy of Blum Animal Hospital.

At checkout, the Veterinary Care Coordinators take care of payment for the services performed. They also go over any medications that the veterinarian is sending home, and make sure all the questions and concerns the pet owner has are addressed. At checkout, the VCC’s are also responsible for taking care of the orders that are left on the food and medication line. This also gives the VCC’s time to talk to the clients and hear more about their furry family members!

PHONES - Photo courtesy of Blum Animal Hospital.

PHONES – Photo courtesy of Blum Animal Hospital.

Phones are the lifeline of our animal hospital and the best way for clients to contact us. There are 3 phone stations and each one has a computer so when the Care Coordinators take a call, they can look up the pet owner’s information. The majority of the phone calls the Veterinary Care Coordinators take are to schedule pet wellness appointments but they also help answer questions and address concerns that clients have about their dog or cat. The Care Coordinators also help relay information to the veterinarians from clients and help put clients in contact with them when they are returning their calls.

Besides the three stations, each Veterinary Care Coordinator is assigned at least one special project. These include preparing the medical records for procedures (i.e. surgeries and dentals) and pet boarding, updating the lost & found board, ordering Cook County Rabies tags and Chicago Park District Dog Friendly Area tags, and putting in the veterinarian’s schedules.

What is a typical day like for a VCC?

Because we are open from 7:30 am – 7:30 pm Monday through Friday, we have a morning and an afternoon shift. The morning team works from 7:15 am – 4:15 pm, and the afternoon team works from noon – 8 pm.  As with all the teams, every Veterinary Care Coordinator works every other Saturday.

Throughout the day, the VCC’s are scheduled to be at each station with rotations occurring every hour. In the afternoon, the Care Coordinators with projects are usually given about an hour of time to help complete their assigned projects. In addition, the VCC’s are always checking Blum’s pet email, pets@blumvet.com, and the Pet Portal to either respond to clients or pass along information to the doctors.

While the Care Coordinators are all about assisting our clients in any way they can, they also get a chance to interact with the pets while they are in the lobby. One of the best aspects of the VCC’s job is getting the opportunity to get to know clients and their pets…we feel as if they are part of our family!

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.