Fun Pet Apps

With technology becoming a routine part of our lives, here are some fun pet apps for your phone that you may enjoy!

Bark Cam

If you’re like most of us who work at Blum Animal Hospital and have tons of photos of our pets on our phones, this app is for you! Bark Cam helps capture great photos of your pup by grabbing their attention with their array of different noises, including treats jingling, cats meowing and the mailman! When you have gotten an awesome pic of your pet, you can add fun filters, stickers, quotes or make it into a meme – then send your perfected photo to your friends directly from the app!

Pocket Pond 2

Most cats love fish – whether it be to eat or look at in a fishbowl. Pocket Pond is an app that gives your cat a virtual look at a pond filled with koi fish and dragonflies that they can “touch.” Besides providing entertainment for your kitty, you can raise, feed and play with the koi fish in your pond, as well as decorate it to make it more enticing for your cat!

Dog Monitor

Leaving your pup at home can be worrisome for owners, but there is an amazing app called Dog Monitor that helps give piece of mind when you’re not at home. How it works is it uses WiFi or your cell phone network to link your phone to your computer’s webcam. If you want to check in and see how your dog is doing, all you need to do is click on the video camera to get a streaming live feed. Dog Monitor notifies you if your pup is being nosy and has the capability for you to speak directly to them to help calm their nerves.

Neko Atsume – Kitty Collector

This app became a favorite of the staff at Blum! Neko Atsume is an app that people play and the purpose of the game is collect all the different varieties of cats! While there are over 40 different types of cats – in all different breeds and colors – there are some cats who are more elusive than others. In order to attract these felines certain items such as toys or treats will be needed in order to collect them and add them to your Catbook.

These are just a few apps that are fun not only for our pets…but us as well!

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.