Santa Paws – top gifts for pets


Photo courtesy of Erika Martin

Per the American Pet Products Association, pet owners are expected to spend $60 billion on their pets this year. Since 2010, spending on our furry family members has increased by about 35 percent. According to Consumer Affairs, owners will spend on average about $62 on presents for their pets for the holidays. So now that the holiday season is almost upon us, here are some fun gift ideas for your pet!

Nuzzle Collar

While many pets are microchipped, it won’t give you the location of your pet if they were lost or stolen. Created by one of Apple’s former industrial design chief, Robert Brunner, the Nuzzle Collar tracks your furry family member’s location via an app on your iPhone or Android. This is a great way to keep tabs on your pet and could definitely come in handy if you are traveling with them!

Self-Warming Products

Especially during the winter months these self-warming products will make your pet feel comfy and cozy. Designed by a company called K&H, they have a line of self-warming products that uses a special fabric that captures your pet’s body head and reflects it back to them. None of the products use any electricity, so leaving your pet home alone is perfectly safe.

Interactive Food Bowls

If you have a pet who gulps down their food, there are some fun bowls that are designed to help them eat slower. The Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl has some compartments that your pup needs to unlock before getting to the food, while the Outward Hound bowl has ridges that are designed to make your pup work to get the food out. If your kitty is eating too fast, the Northmate Catch Interactive Feeder makes your cat push and grab the food out with their paws. Another option is the NoBowl Feeding System, which is designed to get your cat excited about feeding time by “hunting” for food. The NoBowl is mouse-shaped and is designed to move the way a mouse would, while slowly releasing food when your cat bats or paws at it. These are even being sold at Blum!

High Tech

For those tech savvy owners, there are some awesome options for your furry family member. The PetCube lets your check up on your pet right from your smartphone – with add-ons such as talking owners being able to talk to their pets or having it play with them while no one is home. Ever wonder what life looks like through your furry family member’s eyes? The PawsCam is similar to a GoPro, but for your pet! It attaches to your pet’s collar and starts recording as soon as there is any interesting movement.

These are just a few gift ideas for your pet! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard.