Be Prepared for Any CATaclysmic event


Photo courtesy of Jackie Sheppard

In November, a large barn in Big Rock, Illinois caught on fire and the house nearby had a lot of pets inside. Due to the diligent work of the firefighters, and the family alerting them that there were pets in the house, all of them were rescued. This type of emergency situation should make all pet owners think, do you have a disaster plan in place?

Things to consider

  • Rescue Sticker – Having a sticker on or near your front door that indicates what type of animal and how many of each you have inside can help save your furry family members in an emergency. This alerts the first responders there are pets that need to be saved, too. These stickers can also provide an alternate place where your pets can be taken if they will no longer be safe and secure at home. If you need to vacate your home and take your pets with you, if time allows write “EVACUTED” across the sticker to let rescue workers know they do not need to spend time searching for any animals. Blum carries these stickers and can be picked up whenever you stop in next!
  • Safe Haven – If your home becomes uninhabitable or you are having an emergency where your pets will be left alone for long periods of time, it is best to have a backup plan of where they can go in a pinch. Whether this be a boarding facility, pet-friendly hotel or even a family member or friend, there always should be a safe place your pets can go if necessary. For a list of pet friendly hotels, click here.
  • Be Prepared – By having your pet microchipped, it increases the likelihood that you will be reunited with them in case they were to get separated from you or escape during an emergency or disaster. Also, make sure your furry family member has an ID tag on with your up-to-date contact information. If your pet has any pertinent health needs, it is important to include that as well on the ID tag. If your pet is microchipped, and you need to know which company your information is registered with, click here to look up their microchip number.
  • Emergency Kit – In case of an emergency or disaster, it is smart to have a kit ready to go while your pet’s essentials. This may include:
    • Medications and medical records (stored in a waterproof container) – also include feeding information, medical conditions/behavior problems, and Blum Animal Hospital’s phone number
    • Extra leashes, harnesses or carriers
    • Five-day supply of food and water with spare bowls – for cats also include additional litter and litter boxes
    • Current photo of your pet in case you get separated and flyers need to be made

If you have any additional questions about being prepared for an emergency or disaster, please contact us.

Written for Blum Animal Hospital by Jackie Sheppard