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Pain, Pain, Go Away

We all know how stoic cats can be, so recognizing their behavior changes can be the main indication they are in pain. Since you know your feline the best, realizing when they are exhibiting abnormal behavior can help improve their quality of life.
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Pesky Parasites

There is an intestinal parasite that is plaguing the Lakeview neighborhood, and here at Blum we have seen many furry family members recently diagnosed with it. Giardia is a parasite that is Zoonotic, which means it can affect you, too!
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Healthy Steps with Your Pet

Sometimes our schedules get in the way, and we do not have time to always take our dogs on a long walk, but every step counts. As pet owners, we know how much emotional support our furry family members provide us, but our pups can also help us achieve our health goals, too! 
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