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Just Kitten Around

Last week’s blog focused on what to expect with a new puppy, this week it’s all about the kittens! KITTEN PROOF Before you bring your kitten home, go through your home and try to see things through their eyes. Close windows, block vents or any spaces your kitten may be tempted to check out. Move any power or window blind cords, shoelaces or anything else with strings out of their reach. Basically anything you think your kitten may be interested in, they probably will be! PLAY TIME Keeping your kitten active and engaged will help their development. Set aside time
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Puppy Love

Springtime is the start of the season where people start adopting pets, especially puppies and kittens. Taking home a new furry family member is definitely exciting but there are some things new owners should know before the big day!
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Learning Your Pet’s Body Language

Whenever your furry family member comes to Blum there is a scale we use to determine their fear, anxiety and stress (FAS) levels. This helps the veterinary professionals working with your pet see the cues they’re exhibiting and realize when they have had enough.
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