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Latest Microchip Technology

Many pets are microchipped, so if lost they can be scanned and hopefully reunited with their owners. Although there is new technology that allows veterinarians to be able to take a pet’s temperature by scanning the chip!
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Safe Return – How to Be Reunited with Your Lost Pet

The best way to be reunited with your pets if they get out is by having them microchipped. Any of our veterinarians or technicians can implant a microchip. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice (12 mm) and is placed in between your pet’s shoulder blades. This location is the universal place where all microchips are placed, so if your pet gets out and is found, their microchip will immediately be found if scanned.
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Best Carriers for your Cat

Most cat owners know how difficult it may be to get your cat into a carrier once they see it. We want to help your cat see the carrier as not something scary, but eventually as a safe place. Here are some tips for choosing the best carrier and some common mistakes to avoid.
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