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Barking in the New Year

Every January the city of Chicago releases the Dog Friendly Area tags, which allow dogs access to 22 parks in the Chicagoland area. These parks allow dogs to run and play off leash in a safe, fenced in environment.
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Cozying up in the Cold

When the temperature dips, and the wind is blowing off Lake Michigan, it is easy to want to stay inside and snuggle up. Although not all animals have the luxury to stay inside during the winter; so here are some friendly tips to keep your furry friends safe during the blistering months.
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Leptospirosis: Tips on Keeping Your Pet Safe

Leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that can cause liver and kidney failure (read more about it HERE), has recently been diagnosed in three vaccinated canines at our hospital alone.   Even though the most comprehensive vaccine only includes 4 strains, it is still highly recommended to vaccinate at risk pets.   Therefore, it is important to watch out for certain areas and activities that could put your beloved furry family member at risk even if currently vaccinated.
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