Blum Animal Hospital: We’re Fear Free SM Certified

As of June 2018, Blum Animal Hospital is a Fear Free Certified Practice. As of June 2019, our entire support staff is also individually certified. We are the first in Illinois and seventh in the country to receive this certification. Already, all of our 10 veterinarians are Fear FreeSM Certified, having undergone special training and continuing education to give your pet a more enjoyable vet visit. Now, we’ve taken the Fear Free Initiative even farther, having etched it into every layer of our practice, from the design of our lobby and exam rooms to the very culture of our hospital. Every pet is completely different, and we understand that some pets are more anxious than others. By choosing the Fear Free Initiative, we’ve taken a proactive approach and equipped our entire practice to offer a calming experience for every visitor that walks through our doors.

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What Makes Us Fear Free SM?

So how do we make our hospital a Fear Free environment for cats and dogs? Emotional health is as important in our pets as physical health. We will never force our patients to submit to non-essential procedures if it means significant elevations to their fear and anxiety levels. We want your pet to have positive experiences here, even if it means taking a break to re-evaluate how we’re approaching things. Some of our strategies include:

  • Offering enticing treat rewards (tuna cups and catnip for cats; frozen peanut butter cups, cheese slices and turkey hot dog bites for dogs)
  • Spraying pheromones onto our clothing and placing pheromone diffusers in each exam room
  • Having separate entrances and treatment areas for dogs and cats
  • Examining pets where they feel most comfortable—whether that’s in their owner’s lap, in their carrier (with the lid off), or on the floor
  • Using no-slip mats in our exam rooms
  • Gentle Control techniques for less-stress handling
  • Offering pheromone-treated bandanas in the lobby for dogs and pheromone-treated towels that owners can place over their cat’s carrier
  • Calming music played throughout the hospital and available for at-home use through our Spotify playlists.

Preparing for Your Pet’s Visit

Additionally, it’s important to prepare your pet for a Fear Free SM visit well before their actual visit. We recommend:

  • Bringing your pet in slightly hungry so they’ll be more receptive to treats
  • Making your cat’s carrier a permanent fixture in their environment so they’ll get used to its presence and not feel fearful when they see it
  • Learn more about getting your cat into a carrier from this pamphlet.
  • Going on practice runs and driving your pet around the block or neighborhood if they’re anxious on car rides
  • Bringing your pet in to see us for a simple “hello” and some tasty treats from our staff members! “Happy Visits” can make your pet feel more comfortable and familiar at our hospital
  • Finding a cat carrier that:
    • Opens from the top and sides
    • Is hard-sided for easier cleaning and increased sturdiness

Give us a call at (773) 327-4446 to learn more about our Fear Free SM Initiative or stop in so we can meet your pet! We’d love to see you.

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