Taking the ‘Trick’ Out of ‘Trick-or-Treat’ for Our Pets

While many of us enjoy the ghoulish, ghastly fun of Halloween, our pets may not be so keen! They can often become frightened of people in costumes as well as decorations, and not to mention many of the popular treats we love are toxic to them! This Halloween, help your pet avoid the tricks and the treats so they can enjoy a safe, fun night with you.

Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

There are several elements of Halloween to consider when planning for your pet’s safety. From the people that will be stopping at your door to the candy at your door, many aspects of Halloween can be potentially harmful for your pet!


The first step to creating a safe Halloween for your pet is to know their personality and whether or not they’ll enjoy or be fearful of trick-or-treaters and your Halloween guests. Keep in mind that costumes change the appearance and even the smell of people for pets, so even those with whom they are familiar could cause anxiety in their ghoulish get-ups. Yet if your pet is playful, friendly, and enjoys meeting people, this may not be such a problem for them!


Besides costumes, decorations are another fun, creative part about Halloween we all love to go all out on! Some caution with our pets though is warranted. Decorations such as rubber eyeballs, spiders, etc. are easily swallowed by a curious pet. Others, including animatronics and lights that require electricity can be a hazard for pets who may chew the cords. What’s more is that candles and jack-o-lanterns with open flames could cause a fire if knocked over. Keep decorations out of your pet’s reach, and supervise them closely when they are around indoor or outdoor décor!


The third most exciting thing about Halloween is of course, the candy! Many of us know that chocolate is toxic to our pets, but did you know that the darker it is, the more dangerous it is? Additionally, other candies and gum may contain xylitol, a sugar substitute that is poisonous to pets. To be safe, keep candy out of your pet’s reach!


Keeping pets inside during Halloween is recommended due to nocturnal animals that may be out, as well as pranksters that may tease or even harm your pet. One of the best things we can do for our pets is to make sure they have a safe haven to which they can retreat if the festivities get to be too much. Having an extra room away from all the commotion gives them a sense of security and keeps them safe.

Have any questions about Halloween pet safety? Ask us! We’ll be happy to give a bit more insight on any of these points and more!