Microchips Keep Pets and Their Owners Together

When it comes to owning a pet, we need to expect the unexpected. Even the most faithful companion might one day get curious enough to wander out of the yard or through a slightly ajar door. If your pet is the rambunctious type, you may have had to chase them down the street once or twice. The bottom line is that pets can get lost, even if we’re confident that they would never run away from us. Sadly, there are many pets who run away from home and never return, especially cats. That’s why we recommend that all pets be microchipped, to increase their chances of being found and returned to their rightful owners.

What’s a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny transponder no larger than a grain of rice. Microchips generally last up to 25 years, so once your pet has been chipped, they’ll have it for life. Each microchip has its own unique registration number that must be registered with the owner’s contact information into a national database. Microchips are useless unless you take the time to register them with your contact information, so be sure to do that as soon as you can.

How Does It Work?

If your microchipped pet happens to get lost and ends up at a shelter or animal clinic, one of the staff members can use a universal microchip scanner to read the registration number. When this number is scanned, they can either call the manufacturer or go online to obtain your contact information. From there, they can contact you about your pet. Only about 22% of non-microchipped dogs make it back to their owners, and even fewer missing cats are ever recovered. So why leave your pet’s safety to chance?

At Blum Animal Hospital, we want your pet to remain happy, healthy, and safe in your home for as long as possible. Microchips are not a 100% guaranteed solution, but they go a long way towards helping pets find their owners. If you have questions about our microchipping service or would like to schedule an appointment to have your pet microchipped, please call us at (773) 327-4446 .

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