The Right Start for Chicago’s Puppies and Kittens

So you’re the lucky owner of a new puppy or kitten? Congratulations! We know the bond you’re building with your new pet is a special one and the team at Blum is honored to be a part of that bond. Being the pet-parent to a new puppy or kitten is incredibly rewarding but we also know it can be a bit overwhelming and we want to help you feel comfortable and confident with your new furry family member. Whether you’ve done this before or you’re a first time puppy or kitten owner, we’ve put together a great collection of tools to help you get your pet started on the right foot…or paw!

Puppy resources


Tools to help take your misbehaving pup to a well-trained dog

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Kitten resources

General Information

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Your puppy or kitten’s veterinary care

Have you scheduled your puppy or kitten’s first vet visit yet? Your puppy or kitten will need to come see us for an initial wellness exam and ideally, this exam should take place between 6 and 8 weeks of age. In preparation for this visit, we ask that you bring any medical records or paperwork you have for your pet as well as a fresh (within the last 24 hours) stool sample. During this initial wellness exam, your puppy or kitten’s veterinarian will:

  • Conduct a complete and thorough physical exam
  • Create a vaccination schedule specifically tailored to your pet’s needs
  • Test for internal parasites using the stool sample you brought in and provide a dewormer if necessary
  • Offer nutritional recommendations for your growing puppy or kitten
  • Discuss any behavioral concerns you may have

Puppies and kittens grow fast and in order to ensure your new family member stays healthy and happy, we will need to see your pet on two to three subsequent visits to finish the vaccination boosters and monitor any changes in your pet’s health. Don’t forget to bring a stool sample for each of these visits! Once this is done, we recommend annual wellness exams for your healthy dog or cat.

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