Blum’s Team: Get to Know Our Support Staff

The exceptional veterinary care and client service provided at Blum Animal Hospital doesn’t stop with our veterinarians. Our team of qualified and passionate managers, technicians, care coordinators, and assistants make every visit to Blum extraordinary.

Blum’s team members regularly participate in continuing education programs and work to go the “extra mile” to ensure you and your pet are always happy with your experiences here. (Want to tell us about someone from the Blum team who has gone the extra mile for you and your pet? Email us at!)


Joanna Miller

Manager of Customer Experience

Originally from Philadelphia, Joanna loves Rocky, soft pretzels and the Phillies!

Siri Peterson

Office Manager

My guilty pleasure is reality tv.


Veterinary Technicians

Jill Boswell

Veterinary Technician

Q: What’s the funniest thing about you, Jill?
A: “Everything. I’m hilarious.”

Daniel Brown

Veterinary Technician

Daniel has been studying martial arts since he was 5.

Amanda Campos

Certified Veterinary Technician

“I’m terrified of the McDonald’s ice cream machine not working.”

Travis Disque

Veterinary Technician

“I’m terrified of questionnaires,” says Travis, as he completes a questionnaire.

Christy Gorge

Veterinary Technician

Despite her fear of air travel, Christy has piloted a plane.

Sarah Jackson

Veterinary Technician

“My guilty pleasure is ketchup on my quesadillas.”

David Kuhar

Veterinary Technician

David also works as a hairstylist.

Teresa Mariscal

Veterinary Technician

“The funniest thing about me is how little I know about myself.”

Ashley Mason

Veterinary Technician

Ashley loves any National Lampoon movie with Chevy Chase.

Bianca Pillay

Veterinary Technician

Bianca was born in South Africa, grew up in Central America, and now lives in the U.S. She can speak English, Spanish, and Afrikaans.

Megan VanParis

Technician and Fear Free Coordinator

Megan has written four novels “that the world will never see,” she says.

Michele Weinstein

Veterinary Technician

One of Michele’s favorite snacks is lemons.


Veterinary Care Coordinators

Kody Casey

Veterinary Care Coordinator

Kody has a trio of pets named Sara, Levi, and Tank.

Robyn Hagle

Veterinary Care Coordinator

Robyn’s guilty pleasure is Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream.

Emilia Klivickis

Veterinary Care Coordinator

Powerlifts, because she not-so-secretly wants to look big and tough (she’s tiny but mighty).

Liz McLaughlin

Veterinary Care Coordinator

Liz loves being outside, but she hates camping.

Sara Stamper

Veterinary Care Coordinator

Sara has three guinea pigs named after flowers: Petunia, Magnolia, and Buttercup.


Veterinary Assistants

Kiri Burner

Veterinary Assistant Supervisor

Q: Funniest thing about you?

A: “I talk in my sleep!”

Katie Blume

Veterinary Assistant

Katie’s favorite food is 4% Dean’s Cottage Cheese.

Jack Byrne-Szafoni

Veterinary Assistant

On Friday nights, you’ll usually find Jack at the movies.

Jon Covert

Assistant and Facilities Manager

According to Jon, his favorite food is, “Coffee. Does that count as food?” he asks.

Beth Dominguez

Veterinary Assistant

On Friday nights, you can find Beth in her apartment playing board games or videogames, or working out with her boyfriend at the gym.

Angelo Donis

Veterinary Assistant

“My dream vacation would be going to Japan.”

Matthew Gallagher

Veterinary Assistant

Matt’s favorite movie is Robocop.

Ron Garcia

Veterinary Assistant

Outside of Blum, you might find Ron wearing one of his many rock concert T-shirts.

Lara Harris

Veterinary Assistant

Lara’s pets include Sammy the Ball Python, Raisin the Rat, and Athena and Eros the Boa Constrictors.

Andrew Huber

Veterinary Assistant

Andrew is afraid of human beings, which is why he loves working with animals.

Robert McLennan

Veterinary Assistant

He has a weak sense of smell, which comes in handy here from time-to-time.

Annie Postle

Veterinary Assistant

Her natural hair color is “cheese.”

Jennifer Skinner

Veterinary Assistant

Jennie is very active and likes to be outdoors. You might find her rock climbing, mountain biking or competing in a triathlon.


Greeter and Therapy Dog

Samantha ‌

Greeter and Therapy Dog

Samantha stays in the office daily and is a wonderful greeter and therapy dog!


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